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Here are three questions you should consider. (For related reading, see: How You Can Prepare for a Financial Setback. ) Do Your Parents Have a Retirement Income Plan in Place? If the parents were to retire before determininghow much theyll needto last through their golden years, they run the risk of passing a financial burden onto their children. It wouldnt be uncommon for adult children to help subsidize their parents costs in retirement, whether thats sending money every month or moving the parents into their home. While you may not mind assisting your parents financially, it could drain your retirement savings, prevent you from saving the amount you need to retire and prolong the number of years that you need to work. If your parents havent yet retired, encourage them tomeet with a financial advisorto review their current savings and determine whether or not theyre on track. If your parents have already retired, that doesnt mean its too late. A financial advisor can help them create a budget and review opportunities for increasing their income. Do They Have an Up-to-Date Estate Plan? Most people understand that havingan estate plan is crucial. However, having a poorly created or an outdated plan can be just as harmful as having no plan at all. It can be helpful to sit down with your parents and review these items. If they dont have anestate plan, your inheritance could be redirected to the IRS, and you may face hefty attorney fees to settle their finances. Talk with your parents about how they intend to divide up their assets amongst their loved ones. Meet with an estate attorney to put a plan in place to make things easier on your family in the future. Dividing an inheritance evenly may sound easy, but what if you wanted to sell your parents house but your sibling doesnt want to part ways with it for sentimental reasons? If you are receiving a large inheritance and you cant come to an agreement with your siblings, what happens next? Its possible you could see yourself in court fighting against them.

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